A1 Dispatcher | Karno Energy: Architectural projects and services with BIM
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Karno Energy: Architectural projects and services with BIM

The future of planning, construction and operation will be significantly changed by digital changes from Karno Energy https://karnoenergy.com/architecture-bim-services/ . In a few years, the creation of digital virtual building models will define everyday life in the planning, implementation and operation of buildings thanks to Karno Energy. The recorded and networked information later serves as the basis for the operational phase of the building.


Karno Energy is already at your side as a trusted partner to help you realize your BIM project


Karno Energy BIM – Bringing you the right solutions and services in BIM 


With over 20 years in the history of Karno Energy, we are constantly striving to further develop and continuously expand our service portfolio. We have evolved into an experienced provider of consulting and services for building inventory, digitizing plans, architectural designs, building information modeling (BIM) and preventive fire protection projects.


Through close and trusting partnerships with cities and municipalities, architects, companies and decision makers, Karno Energy has been able to accumulate a lot of experience over 22 years and thus successfully complete numerous projects. We are proud of this and hope that you will take advantage of our know-how.


Karno Energy – 3D Inventory


Karno Energy specializes in 3D laser scanning data. Leading manufacturers FARO and Leica measure and further process existing buildings, technical systems and industrial systems using 3D laser scanning technology to eventually digitize them into CAD.


In addition to classic architectural plans, Karno Energy also provides you with other CAD estimates such as room books, DIN and WoFlV floor area calculations, total room volume, and cleaning areas.


Karno Energy – areas of expertise in BIM


  • Architectural services: according to HOAI in service phases 1-5.
  • BIM management, BIM consulting, BIM coordination
  • BIM building modeling: creating high quality architectural 3D models using Allplan, Revit and Archicad.
  • 3D building inventory: 3D laser scanning of buildings, 3D modeling of inventory and reconstruction planning


BIM (Building Information Modeling) has been an integral part of Karno Energy since 2014 and has been successfully used in various projects since then. In 2015 we successfully held our first major BIM event. In response to inquiries, we regularly organize BIM seminars – either on-site or in collaboration .


Our know-how has grown steadily through many years of experience in 3D modeling, project management and data exchange.


Whether from the home office or in the office. Karno Energy is digitally connected and in an excellent position. Karno Energy’s team of experienced architects, BIM managers, BIM coordinators, and BIM model developers form the core of our services. This way we can systematically implement your requirements and goals and achieve maximum benefit.


Karno Energy: Concept of the building in 3D


Even in preliminary design, Karno Energy implements building concepts in 3D BIM models. We develop these BIM models for further elaboration during the design phase, and your designs reflect the fundamentals of building law in the construction application.

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